All our cars are rare and therefore it is a special privilege and opportunity to experience them.
Accordingly, we need to establish some easy-to-follow rules, so that nothing will ruin your special event or day and to ensure the maximum security for everyone.
We wish that our car rental service would remain a memorable experience for everyone and that customers who will follow you, shall also feel joy in what we can offer.

1.   Ordering and paying for the service

We accept orders only by e-mail or using the inquiry form here. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible but not later than 24 hours.

1.1  Before the car starts to move towards the customer, the agreed price must be paid.
1.2  The minimum period for ordering a car is 1 hour.
1.3  The car reservation should be made well in advance.
1.4  To book a car, we issue an advance payment invoice with the agreed amount, but not less than €50 + VAT. This will later be deducted from the final amount of the car use.
1.5  Car reservations for a wedding are made on the basis of advance payment only.
1.6  We provide the car rental service within the borders of the Republic of Estonia, except on special agreements
1.7  Any drinks are not included in the car rental price.

2.  The car rental price includes:

2.1  The driver and sufficient amount of fuel to cover the journey
2.2  Excellent customer service
2.3  A car in good technical condition

3.  It is totally prohibited in the car:

3.1  Smoke
3.2  Disturb the driver
3.3  Consume and handle narcotic and other psychotropic substances
3.4  Abuse alcohol
3.5  To have an unfastened seat belt while the car is in traffic
3.6  Destroy or break (anything in) the car with irresponsible (mindless and stupid) activities
NB! If one or more prohibitions in points 3.1 to 3.6 are ignored, the driver has the right to stop offering the car rental service and ask customers to leave the car. In this case, no refunds will be available.

4.  Rules inside the car

4.1  The driver is the captain of the SAAB “aircraft” and also responsible for it. His orders must be obeyed immediately and without any hesitation.
4.2  If you are not sure whether an activity is allowed or not in the car, you must ask the driver.
4.3  The driver is ALWAYS in the right.
4.4  See point 4.3

We wish you have pleasant experiences with our low-flying rarities!

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