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Product Description

The LEGEND is back!
About 20 years ago, the SAAB 900 Classic theme necktie was sold in the section of the SAAB car factory for expressions and business gifts. It was available in 2 shades: champagne and elegant dark blue. The embroidery pattern is taken from the silhouette of the SAAB 900 Classic Coupé model. These neckties were very popular and were sold out quite quickly.
It is widely known that all SAAB promotional items and business gifts were of a very high quality and also designed for long-term use like SAAB cars itself. In keeping this tradition, here is a businessmen luxurious necktie that has been produced based on the same principles.

This necktie has made of luxury, high-quality elastic polyester fabric. Therefore it is very easy to make a knot.

The dark blue color is slightly reflective and the necktie is in reality much more beautiful then on the images.

This is very interesting Saab expression, the perfect gift for all those who love Saab cars.

Brand new & high quality, beautiful.

Material: Polyester textile
Features: High quality, elegant, stylish – perfect gift for gentleman!
Necktie Length: 150cm
Nectie Maximum Width: 8,5cm;
Nectie Minimum Width: 3,5cm
The packaging contains: 1 x Necktie

The necktie is packed in to the black cardboard gift box.
Weight0.200 kg
Dimensions30.0 × 12.0 × 7.0 cm

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