Rear Trailing Arm Bushings Set Front 80 ShA, RED Polyurethane

SKU: MPBS-4503446-80ShA

Manufacturer: MPBS
Condition: New spare part

Polyurethane elastomers are perfect for various temperatures and can hold high resistance to abrasion in various loads, which contributes to increasing driving comfort and ensuring a high level of safety.
In order for the bushings to perform their function well, they must work in prescribed conditions in which the car drives. Therefore, please choose the appropriate degree of hardness.
Passenger cars equipped with polyurethane equipment provide comfort of driving during everyday use or on high-performance conditions.

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Product Description

SAAB 9-5 Wagon, Sedan MY1998-2009
Opel Vectra B 1995-2002

Number of sets needed per car: 1 set = 2 bushings
Hardness: 80ShA Red*

Alternative Part Numbers: 12781136, 5059811, 5236633, 65340104, 65340104PU, Lemförder L31188

*Information source MPBS (Modern Polyurethane Bushing System)
Hardness: 80ShA Red = Normal, as manufacturer`s original; Comfort Series
90ShA Blue = Performance, Strong, Firm Control