A Complete Set of Aero Seats, Black Genuine Leather (Pre-Owned)

SKU: FULL-SET-9000-Aero-Seats

Manufacturer: SAAB

Condition: Used / Pre-Owned spare part,
the seats are in usable condition; demolished from the car VIN: YS3CD48T7V1018514
This listing is for Pre-Owned Complete Set of Aero Seats (the door panels are separately and not included)
Please see the list of suitability below in the item description.

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Product Description

SAAB 9000 Aero MY1997
Can be mounted to all SAAB 9000 versions from 1985-1998.

Black Genuine Leather, good condition, SAAB original Recaro.
The Set of seats includes SAAB 9000 Aero front seats 2 pcs and rear seats 2 pcs along with rear arm-rest (front arm rest is sold). The seats are dismantled from a SAAB 9000 CDE MY1997 (sedan)
In the pictures the seats are as they are, the photos are not manipulated – have been a long time without leather creaming, not cracked.

VIN: YS3CD48T7V1018514


Weight60.00 kg
Dimensions200.00 × 200.00 × 150.00 cm

SAAB model

Year of manufacture

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