Set of Flat Blade Windshield Wipers, in Yellow

SKU: HES-93NG-0811-YEL

Manufacturer: HESITÉ
Condition: New spare part

These colorful car windshield wipers are made of genuine rubber, which can reduce wind noise and fit seamlessly, providing smooth, clean, streak-free and vibration-free glass cleaning function.
Compared with traditional wipers, these wiper blades flexible design reduces resistance and noise. The steel plate has good elasticity, uniform stress, cleaner scratches, and is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions.
The wiper blade can better remove the smallest raindrops on the glass, provide you with the best view, and drive the vehicle more safely.
Easy to install, does not require special tools.
Once you bought a pair and started to use those wipers → no other made wipers are good enough for you!

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Product Description

SAAB 9-3 SS, SC & CV M08-11
Length of the wiper blades in the kit: 550mm + 550mm (22″ + 22″ inches)

Alternative spare part code: 12778383

Hesité colorful windshield wiper blades have 8 main and important features:
1. Clear vision, no trace of rain
2. Quiet working because of advanced mix of rubber (20-40 dB)
3. Both end → High and Low temperature resistance (approximately -25°C to + 50°C)
4. Aerodynamic performance → The wiper blade is stable during the brushing operation
5. 304 Stainless Steel → Tension arched steel makes blades stable and flexible; Well distributed pressure provides perfect contact
6. Natural rubber strip with nano graphite coating  → Soft and not stiff; Not damages the windshield; No blind spots
7. Durable and long life
8. Perfect fit to requested car model

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