Steel Rim 6 x 15″ (offset ET49) SAAB 4688156, used part

SKU: 4688156-used

Manufacturer: SAAB
Condition: Used spare part

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Product Description

SAAB 900NG MY1994-1998
SAAB 9-3OG MY1998-2003   Not suitable for Viggen
SAAB 9-5OG MY1998-2010    Not suitable for Aero
SAAB 9-3 SS, SC & CV MY2003-2011

Opel Astra MY2003->
Opel Calibra Turbo V6 MY1992-2002
Opel Corsa MY2006->
Opel Meriva MY2003->
Opel Signum MY2002->
Opel Vectra MY2002->
Opel Zafira MY1998->

Alfa Romeo Giulietta MY2010->

Rim Bolt Pattern (Pitch Circle Diameter)  5 x 110 mm
Rim Center Hole:  65 mm
Rim offset:  49

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