Double-Wall Golden Mug with SAAB sign

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Manufacturer: Special Order by SaabPartsStock (aftermarket expression)
Condition: New item

A great gift idea for every true SAAB fan!
The item is made of food grade stainless steel.
Limited Edition!
The product quality is good and the material is durable.
Please read more about that Double-Wall Golden Mug in the description below.

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Product Description

Colour of the mug: Golden
Material: Stainless Steel (304 food grade)
Capacity: 350 ML
Dimensions: 127mm x 76mm x 56mm

It is widely known that all SAAB promotional items and business gifts were of a very high quality and also designed for long-term use like SAAB cars itself. In keeping this tradition, here is a thermos coffee cup that has been produced based on the same principles.
The double-wall stainless steel mug is in reality much more beautiful than in the images.
This is an interesting SAAB expression, a perfect gift for all those who love SAAB cars and proudly use items with SAAB symbols.
Brand new & high quality, beautiful.

Weight0.450 kg
Dimensions25.0 × 20.0 × 10.0 cm




Stainless Steel 304