Front Centre Leather Fold Up ArmRest for SAAB 9000 Genuine, Pre-Owned

SKU: 400100954-K

Manufacturer: SAAB
Condition: Used / Pre-Owned spare part,
in good condition, the leather is okay, also.

This is a one of a kind SAAB 9000 Original SAAB Parts catalogue accessory and very rare.
NB! Mounting screws or bolts not included.

At the time when this spare part was available to order, you had to order the armrest separately and the leather cover separately. Here is full set plug and play.

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Product Description

SAAB 9000 CC, CD & CS MY1985-1998
Leather colour: Black (charcoal)
Alternative part number: 124200213

Genuine SAAB front centre leather fold up armrest for SAAB 9000.
The armrest is suitable to mount to all SAAB 9000 versions and to all model years.
The armrest has to be lifted up somewhat in order to get into the centre storage console door
which is directly under the armrest.